Share Code Remote Image Uploader 5.2.21

This tool is used for remote uploading images from your computer, URL to Picasa, Flickr, Imgur, Postimage, Imageshack.
  • Remote upload images from your computer, URL.
  • Watermark, resize options
  • Queue upload, transload
  • Use HTML5 for uploading.
  • and more…
  • PHP 5+
  • Socket or cURL enabled
  • HTML5
  • Upload this code to your hosting, configure your account, api in config.php file.
  • Rename config-en.php to config.php
  • Read all comments in the config.php file carefully to know how to configure.
See the change logs, general i only update logic code (vendor folder, upload.php, includes/config.php). If in the change logs, i said update style or something like that then you need to update css file, js file (assets folder).
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